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Eunonyhareenyha Wines

The Eunonyhareenyha Winery (Pronounced U-NON-EE-HAREEN-YA) was established in 1998 in the beautiful Eunony Valley, just 8.5kms North-East of Wagga Wagga, NSW and is family owned and operated by Howard and Jan Pollard, with the majority of their wines made on-site.

Recently Eunonyhareenyha Wines have introduced a Rosé, which is made under the guidance of Andrew McEwin, in Murrumbateman, NSW.

Eunonyhareenyha is part of many large original farming stations in the area.

Eunonyhareenyha, originally means place of many emus. Natives would wait by the water so that they could ambush emus for food as they approached to drink.

The Winery grows Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo grape varieties. These particular varieties of grapes are very suitable to the seasonal conditions, with cold winters and hot summers.

The Winery uses minimal chemicals in the growing season and the soil is self-draining sandy loam that is supplemented with dripper underground water when required.